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Fixed dental bridges are restorations similar to caps or crowns that are designed to replace a missing tooth in just a few steps.   A bridge can be an alternative to tooth placement, when dental implant replacement is not possible.  Essentially, a bridge is a false tooth suspended in between crowns.

Creating a bridge will depend on the number and area of missing teeth, as well as, abutment (anchor or crowned) teeth that are needed as support.  Before bridge can be designed it’s very important to determine if the anchor teeth are periodontally  stable.  Additionally, longer spans of missing teeth require more support to reduce heavy forces and help extend the life of bridgework.  Dr. Lobato and his staff are committed to long term results.Bridge

Bridge design require careful engineering on both the part of the dentist and the dental artist.   Here at Robin Dale Lobato, DDS PC  we are careful to only select the highest quality of  dental ceramics  that are natural in the reflection of the light and shape as well as size.  We are also proud to announce we use only dental laboratories that fabricate dental work in the United States so that quality is never compromised.