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Dental Implants

For some patients, dental implants are the proper course of action for both functional and aesthetic use. Dr. Robin Lobato’s experience with dental implants makes him one of Summerlin-Las Vegas’ most trusted practitioners for these types of procedures.

At Robin Dale Lobato, DDS, PC we take pride in offering virtual guided dental implant surgery that allows for more accurate implant placement and achieves greater restorative results. With these surgery procedures, Dr. Lobato can use 3D technology to determine bone density, jaw width, and the location of important nerves, arteries and sinuses. Dr. Lobato also uses a precise virtual model to determine the location of surrounding roots and assist in preventing damage to surrounding teeth.

Dr. Lobato frequently uses the SAFE SurgiGuide® for precise implant placement regardless if he is placing a single implant or several implants. Providing this type of implant placement helps maintain continuity with the design and the final prosthesis (crown, bridge or denture). Dr. Lobato also performs all aspects of the services whenever possible, achieving a better end result and experience for patients. While some dental providers do not go to such detail with this process, Dr. Lobato believes it is a standard of care and rarely considers implant placement without a CBCT scan and 3D planning. In addition to a consultation regarding your treatment options, Dr. Lobato provides an additional complimentary implant consultation after your CBCT scan and impressions are converted to 3D. This allows you to see exactly where any implants are placed, and how the final crown, bridge, or denture will be made.implant1

Dr. Lobato’s final vision of your prosthesis is an important part of implant placement. When planning your treatment procedures, he carefully considers all aspects of your treatment from beginning to end. The technology used at Robin Dale Lobato, DDS, PC, assists with every detail of your implant treatment and allows him, his staff and his laboratories to plan each step of your procedure in three-dimension. With the procedures pre-planned in specialized digital software, each step can be seen by all parties involved. This allows for open communication regarding your implant placement and the design of your prosthesis.

After the procedure, the patient will return to Dr. Lobato’s office for post-operation visits. During these visits, the patients will receive their new implant teeth or dentures. These follow-up appointments are crucial to helping patients become acclimated to their new, pain-free teeth—and because they represent a solution to dental issues. Ensuring patient comfort is one of our office’s top concerns, and any discomfort is more easily solved during this period.

Dental Implant Candidacy

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. Learn more about Dr. Lobato’s steps for determining if a patient is a proper candidate for dental implants here.

Additional Resources

Virtual Guided Dental Implant Procedures
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