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When teeth must be lost, sometimes dentures may be the only alternative.  Regardless if they are for permanent,  or for temporary use until dental implants can be placed, the important factor is the ability to chew foods that provide proper nutrition.   The goal, as with any dental treatment, should be health first.

Dentures are a good choice for replacement especially following the extraction of teeth.  At one time,  extraction required healing before dentures could be made.  Dental advancement allow dentures to be placed the same day as extractions.  There are different types of dentures including immediate dentures, removable partial dentures, removable full dentures, temporary tooth replacement (a flipper) during a healing phase, and implant retained dentures.

Some people experience about a 25% loss in taste, or chewing efficiency because dentures can cover areas decreasing what our tongue and cheeks are accustomed to. The great news is, most people are candidates for implants that can assist with gaining efficiency.  Newer technology and techniques allow Dr. Lobato and his team to give you the security of dentures that are secured by dental implants often in the same day!

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