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Laser Decay Diagnosis

Diagnodent 022Laser technology has come along way providing a variety of methods for early detection of oral diseases, it is even being used to detect tooth decay in its early stages.  Why is this important?  The earlier Dr. Lobato can detect oral carries the smaller the restoration and the less chance of a larger restoration I don’t later date.
Dr. Lobato uses laser technology, DIAGNOdent,®,  for accuracy and efficiency of caries detection.  This device is so important because it reduces the time an costs a person can incur by catching cavities at early stages.

Thanks to fluoridated toothpaste and waters as well as improved oral hygiene it becomes more difficult to detect tooth decay at its early stages.  While fluoride helps protect tooth enamel, not all genetics or environmental factors are the same that our patients endure everyday.  As we age other factors come into play to create changes and an increased risk for cavities such as medications, dry mouth syndrome, and dexterity issues.

At Robin Dale Lobato, DDS, PC, we use the combination of dental x-rays, visual  screening,  as well as this laser scanning  for early caries detection.  With this type of technology you will spend less time in the dental chair have stronger teeth, and ultimately financial savings by because we catch dental disease early.

Dr. Lobato finds the combination of all of these methods of cavity detection indispensable for protecting teeth and educating patients about oral health.