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Porcelain Veneers

What makes a beautiful smile?  Well that question is subject to your own opinion. A great smile is immediately identifiable by color, shape, and alignment.  One way to create a beautiful smile is by using dental veneers that are thin enough to preserve tooth structure, but extremely strong when bonded into place.

Here at Robin Dale Lobato, DDS, PC veneers are one type of dental restoration option that preserve as much to structure as possible. The process of dental veneers are simple, and Dr. Lobato and his staff provide detailed dental care designing your veneers to meet and exceed your expectations.

The process is quite simple! Only a portion of the enamel needs to be removed for the fitting.  Dental impressions (or molds) are then sent to our laboratory where our technicians are experienced in smile design. Upon return to your fitting appointment, the dental veneers are bonded into place.

Veneers can resolve a several problems such as discolored teeth,  chipping, teeth with large gaps, and  reason designing the appearance of natural teeth.

To find out more about our process for attention to detail click here (link to more info as below)


Some of the intricate details that Dr. Lobato performs to design veneers include:

Dental diagnostic wax up with a dental laboratory.
A series of diagnostic photos showing design angles.
Diagnostic casts (molds) that are used for measurements and the evaluation of your occlusion (bite).
A custom shade appointment with our laboratory technician.
Placement or bonding  with a complementary color of material for natural look.

The preliminary information allows Dr. Lobato to design veneers that are custom-made for your desired size, shape, and recommend look.   A custom shade appointment with our laboratory technician allows the technician to see the shade of the tooth underneath the luminous veneers to be placed.   When the veneer is ready to be bonded into place we can select bonding material shades that are complementary to the main shade of the veneer itself.  This step is important because the veneer will transmit light,  that we want to be certain to block any discoloration of the natural tooth underneath.

Dr. Robin Lobato and his staff are committed to assisting you with veneers as a treatment option that is right for you.  In the appropriate situation veneers are ideal because they conserve your own natural tooth structure and are lifelike.