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Root Canals

Tooth Pain and Root Canal Treatment

No one ever wants to experience to experience tooth pain.  One way to prevent tooth extraction and keep a periodontist only stable to is to have a procedure known as a root canal.  Root canal treatment has a well-documented success rate, especially with current technologies that allow us to analyze the success should we find root canal treatment is necessary for you.  Some of these technologies consist of specially designed dental equipment that also allow a quality dentist to determine if the tooth has been fractured in a manner in which the tooth cannot be saved.

Here at the office of Robin Dale Lobato DDS, PC, we are committed to reducing tooth pain and providing you treatment with the best Las Vegas dentist around. Your greatest opportunity in determining if your toothache can be resolved through root canal therapy, is through the evaluation of a qualified dental provider. Voted as a top Las Vegas dentist, Dr. Lobato is a quality dentist who provides options and alternative choices to tooth extractions through root canal therapy.

Once endodontic (a root canal) is performed the more time that passes, the higher the risk of root canal failure, or even cusp or root fracture. This risk is attributed to loss of moisture and nutrients from within. The best way to prevent a root canaled tooth from loss following the treatment is to have a crown, as well as, a post and core build up place as soon as possible. This second phase is imperative to endodontic success.

If you have any questions regarding your treatment please give our team a call (702) 299-6622. We would be happy to schedule an appointment schedule you for a root canal evaluation.