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Sedation Dentistry

Some people experience dental exciting just thinking about making a dental appointment.  Dr. Lobato’s professionally trained staff are experts at assisting you to complete treatment and surpass any anxiety.

Our office is motivated to assist you with comfort and offers a dental experience free of anxiety.   Dental fear increases hypersensitivity and causes your pain threshold to go down.  Our first step in providing you with pain-free dentistry  includes a thorough examination and health history screening.

First, our pain-free dentistry is achieved through local anesthesia that is effective and provides the maximum comfort.

Oral sedation by prescriptionSedation

Our sedation dentistry requires the driver, but it is very popular amongst our patients.  A small pill is prescribed to you and taken one hour prior to your dental visit.   Although you are  conscious the entire appointment time, the medication has a slight amnesia effect.   Most people say this medication makes them feel as if it had a few alcoholic drinks.  Dr. Lobato’s professionally trained staff administers oxygen while you were on this medication when necessary as well as monitoring your oxygen uptake which is imperative to you healing.

Conscious sedation – nitrous oxide

This safe yet effective gas is mixed with oxygen and is administrated through inhalation.  Some people say nitrous oxide gifts then euphoric feeling  making forgetting about dental procedures very easy.  This procedure requires no driver.   After the procedure is completed. Oxygen is administered and the nitrous oxide is depleted from your system before you are release to drive.

Dental apprehension and fear are easily conquered  with common sedation methods.  Our goal is to create a positive, painless, fearless dental experience.

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