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Tissue Contouring

Tissue contouring resolves the look of excess tissue that is often shown along the smile line whether it’s needed to correct the appearance of a single tooth or a “gummy smile”.  With a few diagnostic photos and dental molds Dr. Lobato and his team can assist you by explaining the steps involved with this conservative periodontal procedure.

While tissue contouring can be used to remove excess tissues correcting the appearance of your gum line, it is also used to correct periodontal defects.  Revision of tissue or bone defects can be an important step before placing a restoration.  In some situations, tissue and bone may need to be added to achieve  your desired look.  Dr. Lobato can also help with gum recession or periodontal conditions caused by orthodontics.

If you are concerned about a gummy smile, depressed or flat bone at your gum line, or tissue over growth,  contouring could give you back your confidence! Call our team to set up your smile evaluation.